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Season of Sorrow

Staring at the sunset of seven years of night, a season of sadness, the harvest soon grows ripe.
Seven seals of sorrow, seven trumpets blow, and seven bowls of wrath will be the time of woe.
A beast out of the sea, a leopard with bear's feet, ten horns and seven heads, and a mouth of lion's teeth.
A world watching in wonder while a fatal wound is healed.
Though wounded by the sword its injured head is healed.
A beast out of the earth, speaking like a dragon with two horns like a lamb,
Brings fire down from heaven.
An image of the beast you must worship or be killed. His mark on hand or head, without can't buy or sell.
One will tread the winepress; he rides on a white horse.
Eyes of flame his fury; from his mouth proceeds a sword.
One will cast the beasts into a lake of fire, and one will judge the dead, there is no power higher.
He is the king of kings, and the lord of lords.
He is faithful and true, the one and only true savior.