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Showdown at Mt. Carmel

Elijah the Tishbite, came to Ahab.
"Is that you trouble maker," the evil king said.
"I've been looking for you, to finish this thing. I'll end your life and the trouble you bring."
"I've made no trouble," was Elijah's retort. "It's you and your father who've forgotten the Lord.
Summon the people, and your prophets of Baal. All four hundred and fifty, and meet me at Carmel."
So Ahab sent word, to all of Israel, and assembled his prophets atop Mt. Carmel.
Elijah stood tall, addressing all of them. "How long will you waver, twixt two opinion?
If the Lord is God, you should serve him, but if Baal is god, you should follow him.
I propose a showdown, though I am alone, and we'll know who's God, when we are done.
Get us two bulls; choose one's that are good. Cut them in pieces and set them on wood.
But do not set fire, and I'll do the same. You call on your god to answer with flame.
I'll call on the Lord, the one who is God. When he answers with fire, you'll see the other's a fraud."
They accepted his challenge, and from morning till noon,
They cried, "Baal answer us", no response his return.
They danced around their altar, and Elijah made fun. "Shout louder," he laughed," surely he's a god.
Perhaps he's deep in thought, busy, or travelling. Perhaps he must be awakened, because he's sleeping."
And so they shouted louder, and cut themselves with swords, until evening came and still no answer.
Then Elijah repaired the altar of the Lord, which was now ruined, and lay in discord.
He dug all around it, until he had a trench. Then finally at last, he placed the first branch.
He cut up the bull, and lay it upon the wood. Three times he poured water over all the wood.
When he'd filled the trench, he called on the Lord.
"God of Abraham and Isaac, show them you're God, and all that I do is at your command.
So the children of Israel will all understand you are turning their hearts back to you again."
Then the fire of the Lord came down from heaven. It burnt up the sacrifice, the wood and the stones.
It licked up the water, and burnt up the soil. It left only a crater there in the ground.
When the people saw this they fell prostate down.
They all cried aloud, "The Lord he is God", and again they cried out, "The Lord he is God."

(Based on 2nd Kings 18:16-39)