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The Lost Teachings or the Teachings of the Lost

You Decide?

This is a summary, a book report if you will, of Jon Peniel's Lost Teachings of Atlantis. There are two basic tracks of thought you will see in my report. One is a simple explanation of what the book contains and the second is what I feel about that or have learned concerning JP's statements. I generally put my thoughts in parentheses and mark it with an asterisk or the word note like this (* ) or (note: ). I also want to point out that I am using The Lost Teachings of Atlantis first edition Copyright 1997 by a press called Network out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The book states that this is the second printing of this book so that makes Jon Peniel a year or two early delivering that important message in 98 to the world that Edgar Cacye was supposed to have predicted. This is also important because CLO has made new editions of this book so my page numbers may not coincide with yours if you have a later addition.

Chapter 1

1. Jon Peniel gives a basic summary of who he says The Children of the Law of One are supposed to be. Allegedly it is this obscure ancient spiritual tradition dating all the way back to Atlantis. Of course we know that Atlantis if it existed sank in the ocean, so when Jon's story begins it is in an obscure Tibetan monastery in Shangrilla.

2. He then gives a brief description of their beliefs which is remarkably like Buddism in that a person must become "enlightened" in order to move on and that they "reincarnate" on the earth plane over and over until they do. They also believe that some of their "enlightened" masters keep coming back like the Dali Lama to be great teachers and help the world.

Chapter 2

1. Jon Peniel (* I wonder what his real name is) begins his book by describing himself as a child progeny. Reading at the age of 3, playing musical instruments by the age of 5. He claims to have been raised in a religious family, and to have become an aethist by the age 13. He gives up aethism at age 14 and becomes obsessed with metaphysics and eastern-philosophy. He flunks out of high school at 16 and at age 17 he is depressed. (* sounds like most teen agers I know)

2. He then describes a scene where he is preparing to suicide and decides to channel surf on the old black and white TV. He claims that in a time before there were any UHF stations that he finds a UHF broadcast by some guy with a white beard dressed like Moses who tells him to go to a monastery in Shangrillla hidden somewhere in Tibet. OK does anyone know the history of television. Did TV's have UHF dials before there were UHF stations? Alrighty then I don't even want to comment on how silly that story sounds, but who am I to knock someone else's big spiritual moment.

3. Ok then this 17 yr. old with no money hitch-hikes to New-York, catches a tramp steamer to Morrocco, Catches another tramp steamer to Turkey, treks across India, up through the Himalayas into Tibet and somehow this 17 year old kid with no money actually manages to do what many well funded expiditions with highly trained and experienced explorers have failed to do for years. He finds Shangrilla (* imagine that).

4. In this chapter, on page 20 of my book, an incredible claim is made about the library of Shangrilla. Supposedly over the centuries they had brought original texts from Egypt, Greece, Atlantis, and Alexandria before it was destroyed. They claim to have the original texts from most religious teachings, including the Bible, in thier original handwriting. Do you have any idea how astounding of a claim that is? That would after all be the archeological find of the century. The original Bible would be older than the dead sea scrolls and here it is supposed to be hanging out in a public library in Shangrilla for everyone's public use. That it so unbelievable I don't hesitate to call it a lie. The dead sea scrolls are the oldest copies we have and they are crumbling, and here this guy is saying that he is unrolling the original down at the local library and reading it. Yeah right! Not to mention the unbelievable idea that a 17 year old child who dropped out of high school at the ripe old age of 16 would be capable of reading ancient Hebrew, Chaldean, Syrian, Aramaic, and Greek. Even if Jon can read those languages now, which I doubt, I have a serious problem believing that he could read them then.

5. He then describes his early indocrination into the monastery, which sounds like text book brainwashing technique to me. He describes a pattern of sleep deprivation, lack of material comforts, malnutrition, ritual ceremony and meditations, and forced mindless labor.

Chapter 3

1. The claim made here is that when Atlantis sank into the sea that Master Thoth (Note: who also is supposed to be Adam and Jesus Christ in other incarnations) led his followers into Egypt where they built the great pyramids and developed the ancient Egyptian culture.

2. JP claims to use several ancient text which pre-date the Bible all the way back to Atlantis. The tablets of Thoth, Ne-Te, Ra-Ta, Isis, and Osiris; The manuscripts and scrolls of Kuthumi, El, Zoroaster, and Germaine; The Book of thePyramid, The Book of Love, The Book of the Mind, The Book of Life, and The Book of Death. All of course from their original stone tablets, in the original handwriting, etc. etc.

3. JP claims to redefine love and God. He constantly refers to Unselfish Love in this book which he defines as compassion, kindness, giving, and sharing. This is a worthy concept though I do not feel that JP invented the idea. The redefinition of God is that God is All, and includes All. It is the One, that includes many. It is within us, without us, and we are individual parts fo the whole of it. He develops out of this concept terminology like Universal Conciousness and Universal Spirit. These concepts also are nothing new.

4. The rest of this chapter seems to be a long treatise on spiritual knowledge vs. goodness with a few not so clever anecdotes and stuff.



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