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The Lost Teachings or the Teachings of the Lost

Part 7

Chapter 19

1. This chapter is about Metaphysics. JP talks a little about the true nature of metaphysics then gives a really long list of quotes from an undetermined source. He mentions some concepts like astral travel, and color/sound healing then he goes into a really long discussion about the transmuting power of crystals. He talks a bit about the son's of Belial and how they had used lasers and geothermal power upsetting the balance of nature and destroying Atlantis. The CLO are supposed to have built the pyramids of Egypt to meet their power needs, which were transmuted to electricity with crystals. According to JP the Ark of the Covenant was actually built by the Egyptians who were CLO at the time. It was supposed to have been a giant capacitor used to store the energy from the great pyramid. According to him the Jews stole the ark of the covenant and other Egyptian treasures from the Egyptians and the CLO when they fled the country. This is the reason that the pharoah pursues the Jews according to JP. He then goes on to say that the Jews were simply ignorant of the real use and power of the Ark so that they mistakenly thought that the electric charge killing people was the power of God. (Note: I find it kind of odd that JP is saying that the Children of the Law of One were in charge of Egypt during the time in which the Jewish people were enslaved by pharoah. After all the reason that he claims CLO oppose the sons of Belial or SOB's is because he claims that they were enslaving people.)

2. He then goes into a long discussion about everything being vibrations and that is how crystals are able to heal people. Then he talks about the vibratory nature of the universe. He goes into a long discussion about how everything is an illusion because of our limited perceptions. Everything in the universe is described as an orbital pattern like the solar system and atoms. He uses some occult concepts microcosm/macrocosm. (Note: This is basically a mystical theory that what affects things on a small scale does the same on a larger scale. Like making a voodoo doll of someone can supposedly hurt them.) Anyway everything in the universe from the largest scale to the smallest is supposed to fit this orbital pattern. Then he goes into a discussion about transcending your five senses by activating your Chakras. They describe activating some unknown form of energy through meditation to accomplish this. Then he goes into a little thing about stimulating the five senses during meditation to accomplish this feat. He mentions stuff like vibration music, subiminal messages, aroma therapy, incense.

3. He goes into an explanation about YHVH being the oldest name for God, which he claims is pronounces Yohd-Hay-Vah-Hay. This is supposed to actually be a meditation chant to open the gates of heaven. He brings up the words Jehovah and Yahweh, which are different names for God from the old testament. He makes the accusation that the priests in power simply kept this secret use of the true name of God a secret from the common people in order to keep all the power for themselves. (This is a shot at Judaism and the Jewish people. While it is true that the oldest recorded word for God in the Old Testament was YHVH, I hardly think the Jewish priesthood under went some great conspiracy to keep the power of God away from people. The fact is that all of the Old testament was devoid of vowels up until around 500 AD when the Jewish Priesthood decided to soldify and unify the Torah, which is virtually the same thing Christians call the old Testament. The words Yahweh and Jehovah are just different directions that scholars took when inserting vowels into the same word. YaHoVaH-Jehovah or YaHVeH-Yahweh.) He goes on into a long discussion about matching the chant to different sound frequencies and notes, and then that is the end of the chapter.

Chapter 20

1. This chapter starts out with JP whining about his trouble with women at an early age. He talks about being infatuated with a couple of different girls who didn't return the interest and how tough that was. Then he gives a long list of quotes from an undetermined source. He comes back to whining about this particular girl named Venus who fell in love with his best friend Ulysses (*Yes, it seems like all the names of people in his book come from some from of mythology or historical thing except his name and Zane his true teacher.) Anyway he says he gets upset and storms off into the mountains for a few days with nothing but his parka. (* Like it would be so easy for a 17-18 year old kid from the US to survive the mountains of Tibet with nothing but his parka.) Anyway while he is in the mountains he has a big spiritual experience and when he comes back he is a "Chick Magnet" all of a sudden.)

2. Page 297-298 he talks some more about those documents that the CLO are supposed to have in their library. The Original Biblical scrolls in their original handwriting, and all the original manuscripts from all the religions of the world. He makes the accusation that the dead sea scrolls tranlations have been hampered, and that some authors have written fake alleged translations of them. He also claims that the CLO's biblical scrolls were complete, properly preserved, and in tact in the original language and hand writing. He claims that their is far more in this CLO Bible than in the modern Bible and that the CLO scholars had translated it without bias into several languages. (Note: This was already talked about earlier. I think that this claim is a most outrageous lie and an impossibility. If this fellow really has the original Bible then where is it I want to see it. I want the scientists to do the radioactive isotope dating process on them, and I want the worlds foremost scholars, archeologists and scientists to verify their veracity.)

3. He goes some more into the whole death experience thing and he talks about how in ancient Egypt they were supposed to have done some kind of ritual to precipitat it. Then he describes this thing called the dweller on the threshold which is described as a terrible demon guarding the threshold between mundane reality and the realm of spirit. (Note: This is a pretty common teaching among many Shamanistic religions. This is not a John Peniel original theory.)

4. He then goes on a bit about numerology (* the mystical signifigance of numbers) and gives a long talk about Adam and Eve being soul mates along with his creation story. According to JP God is the center of the universe and then males were first in line in orbit around God like stars around the center of the universe. Then females were in orbit around the males like planets orbiting around stars. Their creation story has a fall to in which the females broke out of orbit first and then the males followed suit. According to him the males must be the first to return to orbit upon enlightenment and the females must follow the male into enlightenment to achieve their proper place in orbit around God. (Note: Sounds kind of sexist don't it?) All this stuff envolves a lot of verbal exchange with Zane who he keeps calling father, and bunch of stuff about negative positive polarities. (* whatever)

5. He uses this to go into a really long discussion about why it is bad for unenlightened people to get into a relationship and how a relationship with an enlightened being is the only kind that will ever work. He talks a bit about finding your soulmate and soulgroups and polarities then the chapter comes to a close.




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