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The Lost Teachings or the Teachings of the Lost

Part 8

Chapter 21

1. This chapter starts out with a bunch of those quotes from an undetermined source this time all portents of doom and end of the world stuff. He then gives a nice long talk about irreperable damage to the earth and the need for ecology. He goes on and on about the earth purifying itself of the infection of humanity and the Son's of Belial taking over earths politics.

2. According to John Peniel if you work really hard and become this perfect sinless unselfishly loving human being you will be safe. Other wise when the world is destroyed your soul will be trapped in the rings of Saturn for a really really long time.

3. On page 319 and I quote he says ,"Indeed. What a suprise they have in store if they don't change. There are many people out there, who are under the delusion that they are going to be saved from facing the trials that are coming up for us all. And they think that they don't need to do anything- except perhaps, talk about it, or 'believe' in this or that. Some think Jesus will save them, without them becoming really good people, just because they believe in Jesus. Some think aliens will save them, some think they'll go to the fourth dimension." (Note: People who believe in Jesus are lumped into his statement along with people who believe aliens in UFO are going to save them.)

4. He then goes on some more trashing the idea of believing in anything (* except of course the CLO teachings). On page 321 he says that if the CLO's space brothers or the predicted return of Jesus Christ is going to save anyone then it will only be enlighted individuals, which as he stated earlier can only be an initiate of the CLO who has become an enlightened adept. He then says and I quote: "When you meet those who have knowledge, and only tell wisdoms and truths by moving their lips, and talking about it, or worse, telling people they don't need to do anything but 'think positive' or 'believe in Jesus', or just believe in anyone or anything, you tell them this. You will not be saved, not can you be helping other people be saved" (Note: These two remarks, the statement that Christians never ask for God's will to be done when they pray, the accusations that the Jews stole the Ark of the Covenant from the Children of the Law of One in Egypt, and that Jewish Priests purposely attempted to keep the true knowledge and power of God a secret from the people so that they could be more powerful are most blatant examples of JP's predjudice and bigotry. Not only does he prove himself to be a religious bigot with his attacks on Judaism and Christianity, but he also proves his anti-semitism. Combine that with all the talk about brain washing people and that puts him right in there with Hitler in my opinion. He says he is a lover, but he proves he is just a hater. He says he Jesus is the Grand Master of his order and every thing he teaches renounces the teachings of Christ.)

Chapter 22

This chapter starts out with a bunch of those quotes from an undetermined source. He goes into a long discussion about experiencing death and how you have to face death and have a death experience to become enlightened. He retells that same story about the ritual death experience in ancient Egypt, and talks a bunch more about the dweller on the threshold. (Note: This is not a new concept. Shamanistic religions oft utilize some type of near death experience as a means of spiritual awaking. Of course these experiences are sometimes brutal, painful, involve illicit drugs, and yes they are dangerous because people did (and still do) sometimes die permanently for the experience. One of the most famous rituals death experiences that comes to mind is the sun dance where the indian brave would allow his body to be hung in the sun by pieces of bone piercing his flesh and thongs of leather until the blood loss and dehydration nearly killed him. Anyway the only reason I bring this up is because all the talk about death rituals sounds barbaric and dangerous to me.)

Part Two

The rest of the book is a list of exercises and meditation tecniques.

Basically your daily routine is as follows.

1. Write down your dreams

2. Take a cold shower

3. Do the Yoga star exercise: This basically looks like you stand there with your arms out to your side and force yourself to hyperventilate until you are light headed. (* Woo hoo now that is a spiritual experience.)

4. Do the Peniel Wave: Stand there visualize a ball of white light in the center of your head and force yourself to hyperventilate. (* Have you fallen over yet.?)

5. Grand Circulation Breath: More visualizing pretty lights and hyperventilating

6. The Sacred Breath: Hold your breath till you turn blue and fall over. OK I am exagerating a little.

7. Affirmations: OK now that you have completely fried your brain cells with all that hyper-ventilation its time to put on the vibrational tapes with the subliminal messages and meditate. The sound tape is 28 minutes long.

8. Planetary Polarity: Get a compass, lie with your head due north, and force yourself to hyper-ventilate.

9. Meditation Walk: Do a Chinese fire drill while you hyper-ventilate. Just kidding this involves syncronizing your breathing with your steps.

10. The color visualization Exercise: I've seen this one before. It was called the Rainbow Bridge in a book I read a long time ago. Basically you do slow rythmic breathing while visualizing the chakras lighting a rainbow colored path up your body.

11. Affirmations: Its time to break out that tape again, and get some more brainwashing subliminal messages.

12. Mirror Exercise: Turn out the lights, burn some inscense, light a candle, stand in the mirror and chant for ten minutes without blinking.

13. Concious breath: A rythmic breathing exercise.

14. Counting Breath: Another rythmic breathing exercise.

15. Contemplate Unselfish Love: Sit and meditate while contemplating Unselfish love (*Aaaaaawwww)

16. Daily review/dreams: Write down your daily activities, feelings, etc. and review how you feel about the previous nights dreams.

17. Affirmations: Get out those tapes buddy its time to wash those brains again.

OK that is about it for my book report on John Peniel's book The Children of the Law of One and The Lost Teachings of Atlantis. About the only other thing of note from this portion of the book was a call to become a vegetarian. Basically JP feels that we are all "brainwashed" into wanting to eat meet by our terrible western society. He claims eating meat causes all kinds of health problems. That is on page 361. Oh and for all you trekkers out there John says Live Long and Prosper.


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