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Children of the Law of One

Lost Teachings of Atlantis

and other outlandish claims

Is it a Cult or Not???

Information about the cult Children of the Law of One
This is small summary of my review of John Peniel's book
More information will be available in the future as I learn more.


Hi, I am a sinner. I don't care to give my name, because in this world that just isn't safe. However I do want you to know that from my simple testimony here that I have done things that I am not proud of and by the grace of God I have been delivered. I call myself the truth seeker because in my search for truth I have learned to first seek the kingdom of God. I believe that the only way to find it is through Jesus Christ who is the Way the Truth and the Life. I am a Christian. That does not make me perfect, but I strive to be better. I have some information I feel is important to get out there and I decided to put it on this page.

Some might ask why I am creating this page??? The truth is that I made it because of my friend who got involved with this group The Children of the Law of One. I decided to make a page devoted to why I feel that CLO is an anti-Christian organization that is a danger to the public at large. It would be easy to say that it is just another New Age group taking what they like from various religions and discarding what they do not. There are plenty of these New Age groups running around. When I was in high school the big fad at the time was channelling energy through quartz crystals. So maybe CLO ends up being just another fad or maybe they end up being something more serious and the police will end up dealing with them at some later date. I really cannot say I'm not psychic. I do know that cults can be dangerous. My friend seems to be unreachable, but I hope that what I learned trying to help him might help someone else help their friends or family with dealing with a cult, or maybe even with CLO. I do ask that anyone who reads this say a prayer for my friend. I know there is nothing I can do to help him, but I have deep faith that no one is beyond God's reach.

I first learned of CLO through the above said friend when I was "backsliden" that means I was not living life as God wishes me too. I was disillusioned and I was searching for some answers of my own. Along comes my friend and gives me this book The Children of the Law of One and the Lost Teachings of Atlantis by Jon Peniel. I have to admit I was skeptical of the title right off the bat, but I was being open minded so I read it. I even took it seriously. This was a good message all about being unselfishly loving what could possibly be wrong with that? Still a lot of what was talked about set off alarm bells for me. I decided to talk to my friend about the things that bothered me and he contacted the CLO and asked them for answers. What we got was avoidance and insults for our trouble. My friend still enamoured of the good side of CLO's message decided to ignore their inconsistencies and gave me the literature explaining that the Bible teaches reincarnation. (I want to point out that through out this process God was dealing with me on a very personal level. I slowly, but surely got reinvolved with the church and by God's grace I am getting my life straightened out.) Anyway I got with my pastor and he showed me some things and I did a lot of praying and studying on my own and I ended up writing the reincarnation paper and giving it to my friend. That was the last time I talked to him. He is completely convinced that the CLO is the way to go and he intends to leave soon and go to their monastery in Colorado to be reprogrammed. Anyway I got to rereading the Lost Teachings book and I started making a kind of book report. I basically wanted to write down everything the book contained that set off an alarm bell. In the process I found an answer to my friends question. What is wrong with the simple concept of unselfish love? I thought about that for a long time and came to this conclusion. Unselfish love is basically the second part of Jesus commandment to love thy neighbor as thy self. However, in the context of the book John Peniel forbids the praise and worship of God. Therefore, the thing that is wrong with his concept is the absence of the first and most important commandment according to Jesus Christ. Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and all thy soul. I fail to see how anyone can truly love their fellow man if they do not love God.

1. Basically my friend is very interested in a prophet named Edgar Cacey who apparently made a prophecy back in the 40's that in 98 John Peniel would give an important message to the world. In JP's own book he admits that his name has been changed. My first argument for my friend is that JP wirting a book is obvious self fulfilled prophecy. He probably knew about Edgar Cacey so he changed his name and published his book in 98. That isn't to difficult to do if you use a vanity press and pay for all the publishing costs. As far as Edgar Cacye goes I know very little about him. Any info would be appreciated.

2. There are a lot of very subtle atttacks made by this author against Christianity and Christ, which leads me to believe that he opposes these things. Since the Bible warns of Anti-christs [1 John 2:18] and false prophets (I am not refering to the Anti-Christ, but to one of the many anti-Christs John mentions) this sets off alarm bells galore for me.

3. I welcome any further information that can be had on this group that might be of help to save my friend from making a terrible mistake. Please if you have any questions, thoughts, or answers feel free to E-mail me from the link below. Thank you and God bless you.

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