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The Lost Teachings or the Teachings of the Lost

Part 3

Chapter 7

1. This chapter begins with a little treatise on the importance of studying history. Followed by what is supposed to be a long list of quotes from religious texts. However, none of the material is from any text I have ever read, nor does the author state what text these quotes are supposed to have been taken from. Basically it is rehashing the alternate creation story and embellishing a little about the superior technologys that the Atlantians were supposed to have possessed before their inner struggle ended up destroying their island, continent or whatever Atlantis was supposed to have been.

2. He then goes on to explain that the evil Atlantians blasted huge holes in the earth with lasers to create power plants thus causing the siesmic instability that destroyed Atlantis. Then Grand Master Thoth leads his people to Egypt where they found the Egyptian culture. He claims that the pyramids were actually power plants, that Thoth invented Tarot Cards, and that they owned their own flying saucers and that one is still hidden under the Sphinx.

3. He then states that some of them went off to what is now Tibet, the Americas, Europe, Asia, etc. to form refuges and to help people become enlightened. He says that in some lands CLO were worshipped as gods, that they were called the Great Light Brotherhood, the Great White Brotherhood, magi, magicians, and alchemists.

4. He lays claim that the Essenes were a branch of CLO, and that Jesus is Master Thoth reincarnated. On page 85 of my book he claims that Master Thoth has more than two dozen incarnations beginning with Adam with his final incarnation being Jesus. (Note: I wanted to comment a little more about the claim that the Essenes were CLO. It has long been excepted that the Letter of Paul to the Galatians written around AD 54-55 was sent to some converts from his ministry who were being approached by the Essene sect. Another name for this sect was called "Judaizers" Basically they were converts from Judaism who had formed their own sect or religion if you would. These interlopers insisted on the necessity of following certain precepts of the Mosaic Law along with faith in Jesus Christ. They were attempting to undermine Paul's authority, saying that he was not teaching the same gospel as the apostles in Jerusalem and that he had not been trained by Jesus himself. Some of the key elements they wanted observed were circumcision and dietary obligations.)

5. He claims that some pure blooded Atlantians were in the dormant crater of the vocano Mt. Shasta until 1970, and that they are responsible for all those UFO sightings.

6. He talks about the invasion of Tibet by the Chinese and the ravaging of its people then describes the destruction of Shangrilla with a high tech energy weapon from space. (Note: OK I think that someone has read one to many Science Fiction novels don't ya think.)

7. Ok then he goes into a long treatise about how the end of the world is coming and we all need to become unselfishly loving or else all mankind will be destroyed and our souls imprisoned in the rings of Saturn.

Chapter 8

1. This chapter starts out with the author falling in love with a woman, but its bad because it wasn't unselfish love followed by a bunch of quotes from an indeterminate source. He then tells this story about this Zane guy (* he is all through the book as JP's true teacher) explaining how it is wrong for an unenlightened man to have a relationship with a woman because it isn't unselfish love. He then goes into a really long treatise about unselfish love explaining what it is. (Note: it is alright for an enlightened adept to have relationships with women it just isn't OK if you are not enlightened. I think that builds a very dangerous premous. That seems to ensure that the enlightened adept get first pick of the ladies. Maybe I'm out of line with that thought because he never says that in his book. I should also mention that he does talk about unenlightened people having relationships in his book. It seems like it isn't really forbidden it just is discouraged.)

Chapter 9

1. This chapter starts out with that Zane guy coming up and blaiming all the suffering in the world on the separate selfish self. Then it is followed by a bunch of quotes from and indeterminate source. Each quote is basically pushing the concept of unselfish love.

2. He tells a little story about forcing a woman to eat nothing but mangos for several weeks to cure her cancer. Then he goes into a long treatise about the ego, the big bang theory, and does some further communication about the CLO creation story. He further explains the concept of oneness



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